In this week’s vlog segment, I share with you seven important messages related to your children’s sports participation that you want to send them. These messages are so valuable because they will set the tone for how your young athletes approach their sports involvement. If your messages are about results, expectations, and pressure, three bad things will happen. First, your children will crumble under the weight of these burdensome messages, perform poorly, and not achieve their sports goals. Second, their athletic lives will be sources of stress, negativity, and fear. Third, your children will come to associate these unpleasant experiences with you as their parents and they may come to feel anger, resentment, and even hatred toward you for turning their sports into something so aversive.

In contrast, if you send the seven messages that I describe in this vlog segment, you create for your young athletes a decidedly different starting point for the sports experiences. First, they will feel free to perform their best with courage, confidence, and commitment, and without fear, doubt, or worry. Second, they will perceive their athletic lives as fun, joyful, and enriching. Third, your children will connect these amazing experiences with you and will feel love and gratitude for giving them this special opportunity.

Your goal is to send these seven essential messages to your children early and often so that the messages become the healthy foundation for their athletic lives. If you can achieve this goal, you will give them a gift that will yield wonderful benefits to them in their sports in and in their lives beyond the field of play.

To learn more about how to send these seven healthy messages to your young athletes, watch this week’s vlog segment.

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