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2403, 2017

Finish Your Sports Season Mentally Strong

For athletes in many winter sports, the competitive season is almost over. After many days of practice and competing, the end is in sight. At this late point in the season, you will have fallen [...]

2103, 2017

Finish Your Race Season Strong

It’s hard to believe, but there is only about a month of the race season left. After many days of training and racing this winter, the end is in sight. Note: Beginning with this article [...]

1503, 2017

Are Smartphones Replacing Drugs?

Here is a fascinating article offering a provocative new theory that the decline in drug use in the past decade is due to the rise in smartphone use. Epidemiological data has demonstrated that young people are [...]

903, 2017

How Athletes Can Perform Their Best When it REALLY Counts

For many sports, it’s that time of the competitive season when results REALLY start to matter. For many athletes and teams, from high school to pros, the REALLY important competitions of the year—States, Regionals Nationals, [...]

903, 2017

What Do Pink Elephants and Blue Hippos Have to Do with Ski Racing?

I’m going to make a request of you: Don’t think about a pink elephant. What did you do? Well, you thought about a pink elephant, of course. Now I’m going to make a demand: DO [...]

703, 2017

Prime Sport Parenting Online Course is Live!

I'm excited to announce the launch of my latest online course, Prime Sport Parenting 505: Raise Successful and Happy Athletes, a 4-class course that is offered on-demand and self-paced to fit into the busy lives of [...]

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