In this week’s vlog segment, I explore the difference between expectations and goals. Expectations act as burdens that you place on your young athletes before a competition, causing pressure, anxiety, and worry. Goals, if used correctly, act as motivators to help them become successful.

Having goals for your children in their sports participation starts with outcome goals, that is, ones related to results. But you shouldn’t focus on outcome goals except as the end-game for their athletic efforts.

As soon as you and your kids establish outcomes goals, immediately shift to process goals which describe what they need to do to perform their best. The reason why this shift is so important is that young athletes can’t directly control their results, but they can control the process.

This emphasis on process builds determination, confidence, and commitment to their goals. And, if they focus on their process goals, they are likely to perform well and, in doing so, are more likely to achieve their outcome goals.

To learn more about how to help your young athletes have goals rather than expectations, watch this week’s vlog segment.

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