Online coursesI’m excited to announce the launch of three new Prime Ski Racing online courses for racers, coaches, and parents: Prime Ski Training 202: Total Preparation for Maximum Performance, Prime Ski Coaching 404: Psychology of Training Champion Ski Racers, and Prime Sport Parenting 505: Raising Successful and Happy Athletes, all offered on-demand and self-paced to fit into the busy lives of racers, coaches, and parents. And now, every course comes with a detailed workbook filled with summaries of each class and exercises that can be completed during or after each class.

Prime Ski Training 202 shows racers how to:

  • Have a healthy attitude that keeps you motivated through the inevitable ups and downs of training.
  • Use mental training in your conditioning program.
  • Maximize your on-snow training efforts.
  • Incorporate mental training into your on-snow training.
  • Transfer your training gains to fast skiing in races.

Prime Ski Coaching 404 provides coaches with a foundation of knowledge and practical tools about the impact of the mind on training their racers. Here’s what coaches will learn:

  • Develop a team culture based on healthy values, attitudes, and goals.
  • Create a vocabulary to weave mental training into the fabric of your overall training regimen.
  • Implement a ‘gym routine’ that ensures maximum effort and begins to strengthen your racers’ mental ‘muscles.’
  • How to make mental imagery an essential part of your weekly training program.
  • How to use mental tools, such as imagery, routines, breathing, and focusing, in your racers’ on-snow training.
  • How to manage the emotional challenges of training and racing.

Prime Sport Parenting 505 shows ski racing parents:

  • Three pillars of successful and happy athletes.
  • Five attitudes for athletic success.
  • How to send the right messages to your children.
  • Dos and don’ts for sport parents

And don’t forget the original course in my six-part series of online courses, Prime Ski Racing 101: Train Your Mind like a Champion, now reformulated to six classes and with its own workbook

Team and staff discounts are available.

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