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Prime Sport 101: Train Your Mind for Athletic Success

The Mind is the Final Piece of the ‘Play Your Best’ Puzzle

You spend a lot of time on your physical conditioning and technical development. How much time are you devoting to your mental training?

Get your mind in the best shape of your athletic life!

This 6-class, self-paced course, the first in the four-part Prime Sport series of online mental training courses for athletes, will show you how to approach mental training the same way you approach your physical and sport training. Prime Sport 101 offers useful information and practical strategies for incorporating mental training into your training and competitive preparations.



  • Strengthen your mental muscles: motivation, confidence, intensity, focus, mindset
  • Create a mental toolbox: mental imagery, routines, breathing, emotions
  • Result: Perform your best in the biggest competitions of your life!

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Prime Sport Training 202: Total Preparation for Maximum Performance

Training is the Foundation of Athletic Success

You spend a lot of time on your physical conditioning and technical development. The effort, focus, and intensity you put into your training determines how much and how quickly you improve.

Are you getting the most out of your conditioning and sport training efforts?

This 5-class course, the second in the four-part Prime Sport series of online mental training courses for athletes, explores a wide range of mental approaches to help you get more out of your physical conditioning and sport training efforts. Given the emphasis on deliberate practice in athlete development, identifying the specific means for achieving high quality training is essential for you to maximize your training efforts and technical and tactical progress.



  • Incorporate mental training into your physical conditioning
  • Experiment and get out of your comfort zone
  • Use mental tools to raise the quality of your training
  • Get more out of your video sessions
  • Cope effectively with adversity and frustration
  • Train like you compete so you can compete like you train
  • Result: Optimally trained athletes who are maximally ready for competitive success

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Prime Sport Mind 303: Developing Championship Attitudes

This 6-week course, the third in the four-part Prime Sport series of online mental training courses, describes important attitudes that must be developed that set athletes up for success. Five attitudes act as the foundation for enabling athletes to be fully confident and committed when they get into the starting gate: ownership, process, challenge, long-term perspective, and risk. Additionally, five obstacles must be removed to free athletes from fear, doubt, and worry: overinvestment, perfectionism, fear of failure, expectations, and negativity. This course will provide insights into the attitudes that support and those that interfere with athletes achieving their sports goals.

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Prime Sport Tips 606: Secrets of Success from the World’s Best Athletes

This 6-week course, the last in the Prime Sport series of online mental training courses, will describe tips that I learned from some of the best professional and Olympic athletes in the world. These “nuggets of wisdom” are the little details that can make the difference between failure, mediocrity, and achieving your athletic goals. Having already developed mastery in your conditioning and the technical and tactical aspects of sport, it is these small, yet powerful, mental tools that can enable you to perform your best consistently.

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Prime Sport Coaching 404: Psychology of Developing Champion Athletes

Train Your Athletes’ Minds the Same Way You Train Their Bodies

You spend a lot of time training your athletes physically, technically, and tactically. How much time do you devote to training their minds?

Train your athletes to perform their best consistently!

This 4-class course will provide you with a foundation of knowledge about the impact of the mind on training athletes. You’ll learn practical ways to incorporate mental training directly into your daily and weekly training plans and to ensure that your athletes are mentally prepared to perform their best in the biggest competitions of their lives.





  • Develop a team culture based on healthy values, attitudes, and goals.
  • Build a positive and cohesive staff culture.
  • Create a vocabulary to weave mental training into the fabric of your overall training regimen.
  • Implement a ‘gym routine’ that ensures maximum effort and begins to strengthen athletes’ mental ‘muscles.’
  • Make mental imagery an essential part of your weekly training program.
  • Show athletes how to use mental tools, such as imagery, routines, and focusing, in their sport training.
  • Result: Better coaching means better trained and maximally prepared athletes.

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Prime Sport Parenting 505: Raising Successful and Happy Athletes

You are an Essential Piece of Your Children’s ‘Success and Happiness’ Puzzle

This 4-class course offers sport parents the insights, information, and tools they need to be conscious, positive, and active forces in their young athletes’ lives. Prime Sport Parenting 505 gives you a deep and broad understanding of what it takes to be the best sport parent so you can help your children become successful and happy athletes and people.




  • Three pillars of healthy development
  • Five attitudes for athletic success
  • How to send the right messages to your children
  • Dos and don’ts for sport parents
  • Result: Raise successful and happy athletes and young people

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