I believe that for us to create value in the world, we must first recognize our own unique identity. One way to do this is to complete the following sentence: “My purpose and passion in life is to __________________.” The notion of identity struck a chord with me and I have devoted considerable time to uncovering my own identity. The result of the search for my identity is the completion of the above sentence and the tagline of my web site: My purpose and passion in life is to Inspire, inform, and transform, so you can perform. My identity is grounded in my desire to help you produce positive, meaningful, and long-lasting change in your life and perform at your highest level consistently as the path to achieving your most deeply held goals.

Step #1: Inspire

The first step in my work is to inspire you to commit the time, energy, and effort necessary to produce your desired change. Inspiration is the starting point because, without the determination to endure the sometimes long and difficult process of pursuing your goals, true success won’t be possible. But inspiration alone isn’t sufficient to achieve your goals.

Step #2: Inform

The next step in my work is to inform you about what you need to do to strive toward your goals. Whether deep insights about “what makes you tick” or practical knowledge about how to improve, when you gain the information you need, you put yourself in a position where you are prepared to not only begin the the pursuit of your goals, but also to succeed. But inspiration and information only set the stage for success.

Step #3: Transform

The third step in my work is where you take action to transform your life. You set clear goals and create and initiate a plan of action that propels you toward the goals you wish to accomplish. This stage is the most difficult because you are challenging years of old and perhaps unhealthy habits and patterns, yet it is also the most fulfilling because your efforts are rewarded with the positive transformation that you have sought for so long.

Step #4: Perform

The culmination of this process is the capability to perform your best. The time, effort, and energy you devoted to making the necessary changes in your life now allow you to transcend your self-imposed limits, overcome the inevitable challenges and setbacks, and strive toward your dreams.

The Payoff

What is the payoff of my philosophy? Achieving your goals and finding success. Experiencing a deep and resilient sense of well-being.  Having the capabilities to change and guide your life in precisely the direction you want it to go. Ultimately, to live a life that is meaningful, satisfying, and joyful. Because of your own efforts, you are seeing your life change for the better and, as a client once said to me, “I realized that I would never have to go back to the way I used to live my life, and I have never been so happy!”