The New York Times published an outstanding piece in which Olympians describe in video how they use imagery to prepare for their upcoming events and to rehearse their ideal performances. As many of you know, I believe that imagery is the most powerful mental tool there is and if you’re not using imagery regularly in and away from your sport, you’re not going to be the best you can be.

I am on a constant mission to convince you to commit the time to developing a comprehensive mental training program, but it’s an uphill battle because, unlike conditioning, imagery is new, different, and, yes, a bit weird. Hopefully, when you see and hear Olympians saying the same thing, you’ll be convinced.


If so, here are a few tools for you alpine ski racers to use to help you make imagery a regular part of your overall athlete development programs. See below links to my downloadable Prime Ski Racing Mental Imagery workbook which provides information about imagery and how you can develop an off-snow imagery program. You will also find links to mp3 audio files that you can download to your phones in which I guide you through imagery sessions for training and SL/GS and SG/DH races.

  1. Imagery workbook.
  2. Training.
  3. SL/GS.
  4. SG/DH.

If you’re an athlete in another sport, you can download my Prime Sport Mental Imagery workbook and create your own imagery mp3 audio files for your sport.

Want to make get your mind in the best shape of your ski racing life? Or are you struggling so far this season? Take a look at my online mental training courses for ski racers, coaches, and parents or contact me if I can help 1:1.

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