With the fall upon us and the race season approaching rapidly, now is a great time for racers to get their minds in great shape, coaches to sharpen their skills, and parents to be the best they can be during the always exciting and sometimes stressful winter of racing ahead.

Good news; I can help! I’m pleased to announce the launch of my updated and improved online courses for racers, coaches, and parents, all offered on-demand and self-paced to fit into your busy lives. And now, every course comes with a detailed workbook filled with summaries of each class and exercises that can be completed during or after each class.

Prime Ski Racing 101: Train Your Mind like a Champion, introduces racers to:

  • Prime Ski Racing: skiing consistently fast under the most challenging conditions.
  • How to assess your mental strengths and areas in need of improvement.
  • Mental “muscles” you can strengthen (motivation, confidence, intensity, focus, mindset).
  • Mental “tools” you can use (emotions, imagery, routines, breathing, trust).
  • How to develop a mental training program that will prepare you to ski your fastest when it really counts.

Prime Ski Training 202: Total Preparation for Maximum Performance shows racers how to:

  • Have a healthy attitude that keeps you motivated through the inevitable ups and downs of training.
  • Use mental training in your conditioning program.
  • Maximize your on-snow training efforts.
  • Incorporate mental training into your on-snow training.
  • Transfer your training gains to great performances in races.

Prime Ski Coaching 404: Psychology of Developing Champion Racers provides coaches with a foundation of knowledge and practical tools about the impact of the mind on training their racers. Here’s what coaches will learn:

  • Develop a team culture based on healthy values, attitudes, and goals.
  • Create a vocabulary to weave mental training into the fabric of your overall training regimen.
  • Implement a ‘gym routine’ that ensures maximum effort and begins to strengthen racers’ mental ‘muscles.’
  • How to make mental imagery an essential part of your weekly training program.
  • How to use mental tools, such as imagery, routines, breathing, and focusing, in their racers’ training.
  • How to manage the emotional challenges of training and racing.

Prime Sport Parenting 505: Raise a Successful and Happy Athlete shows ski racing parents:

  • Three pillars of successful and happy athletes.
  • Five attitudes for athletic success.
  • How to send the right messages to your children.
  • Dos and don’ts for sport parents.

As a bonus, if you register by September 22nd, you will receive a 10% discount (code: ski racing 10%) on the tuition.

Team and staff discounts are also available.

If you have any questions, call (415.322.8425) or email (jim@drjimtaylor.com).

Photo credit: 123RF Stock Photo

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