Rave Reviews

“Dr. Taylor is an engaging speaker who immediately captures the audience’s attention with his easygoing style and comedic timing. His presentation was full of useful and important information. And he presented it in a clear and concise way so that it was easy to understand. I would highly recommend getting the chance to hear Dr. Taylor in person if the opportunity ever presents itself.” John Hackworth, Asst. Coach, Philadelphia Union, Major League Soccer“

Dr. Taylor had a huge impact on the 2007-08 Stanford Wrestling season. It was the most successful season in program history and his work definitely contributed to that success.” Kerry McCoy, former Head Coach, Stanford University Wrestling Team; Two-time Olympian

“As the keynote speaker to the UK Snowsports Coaches Conference 2012, who also gave additional off- and on-snow workshops, Jim Taylor delivered everything we could have hoped for and then some more! The coaches were captivated by Jim’s enthusiasm, realism and very practical knowledge. Jim brought his expertise to the conference and delivered it in a simple understandable language which everyone could relate to. The feedback we received from our coaches has been fantastic and I would highly recommend Dr. Jim Taylor as a keynote speaker and educator to any organization–sport or business–that is looking to motivate and develop their members.” Robin Kellen, CEO, Snowsport Wales

“Dr. Taylor was a crucial member of our team. He led the coaches and players on a journey of discovery that helped us nail down our core team values, develop our strengths, and resolve our areas of conflict. There is no doubt in my mind that we were a better team and better people because of the time we spent with Jim.” Jill Malko, former Head Coach, University of California, Berkeley, Women’s Lacrosse Team

“Dr. Taylor’s importance to our wrestling program can’t be overstated. His individual work with our athletes was invaluable. Dr. Taylor certainly knows his stuff and his charismatic and motivating style kept our athletes engaged during his team seminars. Our team wrestled at their PRIME in the days following his work with us.” Jason Borelli, Head Wrestling Coach, Stanford University

“In addition to his extensive knowledge and experience in sport psychology, Dr. Taylor is himselfan accomplished athlete which gives him the ‘street cred’ needed to truly connect with our elite athletes.” Dave Bekowich, owner, Team Pacific Bikes

“Dr. Jim Taylor’s contributions to our Athlete’s Advisory Board Symposium were invaluable. Not only was a room full of elite athletes and Olympic medalists riveted to his talk, the exchange and debate it engendered was spirited and fascinating. I was especially impressed with Dr. Taylor’s obvious concern for not just the athlete, but the whole human being.” Arthur Combs, Ph.D., Executive Director, Stone Foundation for Sports Medicine and Arthritis Research

“Jim Taylor’s talk on sport psychology was inspiring and thought-provoking. Every athlete in the room knew that we really could use Jim’s advice and expertise throughout our careers.” Marla Streb, 2004 U.S. National Downhill Mountain Bike Champion

“The more time I spend competing and coaching, the more I realize that success in an Ironman comes down to mental preparation. And no one offers triathletes, whether newbies or veterans, as much practical information in a motivating format than Dr. Jim Taylor.” Duane Franks, M.S., Ironman triathlete; coach of two Ironman world-record holders

“As a member of the Education/Certification Committee of PSIA-C, my responsibility is to expose my staff to the latest skiing and teaching techniques. Dr. Jim Taylor provided that to us in spades! Jim developed uniquely valuable presentations, both off- and on-snow, on the mental side of ski instruction that was exactly what we needed. He presented his information in an engaging and interactive style, injecting humor to make it enjoyable as well as educational. Our staff was so impressed with Jim’s work that we are already planning for his future involvement with PSIA.” John Hamaker, Professional Ski Instructors of America-Central Division

“Dr. Jim Taylor approaches the topic of sport psychology from a no-nonsense perspective that makes sense the first time you hear it. The science of psychology can be tough to apply to real life since the mind is so much more complex than we currently understand. But Jim’s approach moves beyond our lack of understanding and makes what we do know work for us in our lives and sports training today.” Clyde Wilson, Ph.D., Director, Health and Performance Sciences, Sports Medicine Institute, Palo Alto, CA

“I’ve been involved in triathlon for nearly 10 years and have seen and heard a ton in that time. And Dr. Jim’s seminar on mental training delivered many new tools to add to my racing arsenal. It was a fun and lively seminar that got me pumped up for the upcoming season. I’m looking forward to incorporating the mental techniques he shared to make me faster and enjoy my racing experience more.” Chad Elmendorf, Marketing Director, Inside Triathlon; two-time Ironman finisher

“Listening to Dr. Taylor’s lecture gave me some great ideas to think about before my race. He is afantastic, high-energy speaker and I benefited from his motivational style. He stressed the importance of mental skills and explained how I can develop and use them to become a more accomplished triathlete. Dr. Taylor presented skill sets that I will not only remember but put in to action in my training and races.” Paige Dunn, Ironman triathlete

“Dr. Taylor fit in the last piece of the puzzle when he spoke with my high school athletes about creating the mental tools they need to succeed on the water. He was motivating, upbeat and engaging. The information he shared was incredibly valuable and was presented in a dynamic and humorous way that my athletes were comfortable and excited to be a part of. Dr. Taylor helped this team of athletes be better at what they do, while at the same time has given them tools that they can bring to their lives outside of sport.” Sandy Armstrong, Head Coach, Marin Rowing Association

“Dr. Taylor’s presentations are a perfectly harmonized blend of valuable information, wisdom, and humor, delivered with great enthusiasm. Jim is clearly a leader in his field, yet he remains very accessible, offering anecdotes and insights that speak directly to his audience. Dr. Taylor is thequintessential professional…period!” Mike Fanelli, President, USA Track & Field, Pacific Division

“I have enjoyed Jim Taylor’s clinics on several occasions. When the opportunity arises, I will certainly attend another. Not only do I always walk away with useful information and a few simple tips which I know I will be able to implement, I also feel a new sense of motivation toward achieving my goals. Mental toughness is an integral part of endurance sport and Jim is able to share effective ways to help us become winners when playing those mind games.” Diane Gilles, Head Coach, San Francisco Road Runners Club

“His presentation was entertaining and easy to understand and he gave us some useful tools to use…Jim was very inspirational…He had a very good personal approach…Jim’s talk was very engaging…I felt that he was talking with me, rather than at me…His approach was effective because he is someone who has actually walked the walk (or run the run, in our case)…His presentation was not only educational, but lighthearted and humorous…I used Jim’s advice right away.” San Francisco Runners Club comments

“The Education Staff members of Professional Ski Instructors of America-Central experienced Dr. Jim Taylor at his best. His on- and off-snow work with us delightfully exceeded our expectations! Jim’s combination of intimate knowledge of skiing, leading-edge content of the psychology of skiing and ski instruction, and impassioned presentation style makes him a unique and powerful assetfor PSIA or any organization—whether sport, business, or educational—that wants to maximize its performance and value.” Mel Brown, Education/Certification Committee, PSIA-Central

“I just wanted to say thank you again for taking the time to speak to our Ironman training team. The information you gave us and the stories you shared were both informative and entertaining. Several individuals came up to me afterward telling me how much they enjoyed the talk. Many of your mental-training techniques became a regular part of our training sessions. It’s great to know that there is a psychologist available who truly understands the emotional and physical complexity of preparing for and racing in marathons and Ironman triathlons.” Duane Franks, Ironman triathlon coach

“Dr. Taylor has helped hundreds of our endurance athletes set and achieve their goals. His entertaining lectures are full of effective mental techniques for helping performance at any level. The useful information Dr. Taylor delivers has been one of the keys to our successes race after race. Our training seasons are not complete without one his valuable presentations.” April Powers, Senior Head Coach, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Team in Training Triathlon and Marathon Teams

“Dr. Jim Taylor’s appealing personality and speaking style were inspiring. He offered valuable information to parents, kids, and coaches on a variety of subjects. Jim was a big hit with the athletes. He has a rare talent to engage and involve athletes in a topic most feel ‘weird’ discussing. Our experience with Jim was extremely positive and the SVSEF is planning to schedule another three-day visit with Dr. Taylor with even more of our athletes, coaches, and parents.” Don Wiseman, Executive Director, Sun Valley (ID) Ski Educational Foundation

“Thank YOU for coming last night. I can honestly say that you were the best prepared and most entertaining speaker we’ve had. You engage your audience and keep the presentation to a length that doesn’t encourage ‘drift off.’ I know that I will be utilizing many of the techniques in your presentation and book to help me with racing and the other upcoming challenge.” Nick Goddard, President, TRIbe Triathlon Club, San Jose, CA

“Dr. Jim Taylor’s presentation should be required for all parents of athletes and all coaches . He presented our coaching staff with cutting-edge information about the psychology of high-level performance in athletics. We all came away knowing that we had heard one of the finest sport psychologists in the country.” Don Hicks, Director of Physical Education and Athletics, St. Francis Episcopal School, Houston

“I was inspired after hearing Dr. Jim Taylor speak about the importance of mental preparation for sports. As a basketball coach, I found his talk very enlightening. He was able to take complex subjects and relate them to the audience through everyday real life situations. I learned a lot from Jim!” Graham Betchart

“What makes your work with our athletes and coaches so valuable is that you take a topic–sport psychology–that is often difficult to grasp and make it simple, clear, and practical, so everyone can understand and benefit from your knowledge and expertise.” Ruben Macaya, Head Alpine Coach, Sun Valley (ID) Ski Team

“The runners in our club are very diverse, ranging from former collegiate athletes to new recreational runners. Jim’s Mental Preparation talk not only provided great ideas for everyone in the group, but he made us all laugh a lot with his engaging delivery. The women are still talking about you how insightful the information was—and totally inspiring.” Martina Lauchengco Jones, President, the Iguanas Running Club, San Francisco

Great seminar! It was one of the finest presentations I have been to. The highest compliment I can give you is that my two students that were there have now repeated things that you have said in a positive manner and are working on them!” Bunny Bruning, President, USPTA-Missouri Valley

“I highly recommend Dr. Jim Taylor’s workshop to runners and to all athletes at every level of ability. After listening to Dr. Jim’s lecture on the psychology of running, I was able to put aside my ego and start exercising again after months of inactivity. I was injured 6 months ago and used my injury as an excuse to stop completely. Jim’s ideas got me going again. I am very proud of the outcome over these past weeks and look forward to a lot more breakthroughs in my running, training and life.” Marina Gelman, marathon runner

“As a ‘tri newbie’ training for my first triathlon, I found Jim Taylor’s workshop on “Prime Triathlon” to be an excellent introduction to the more subtle mental facets of training and racing. There are plenty of triathlon resources available that offer workout plans with heart rate and mileage targets, but very few that address the mental skills that also need if one is to find enjoyment and success in this sport. Dr. Taylor’s concepts gave me valuable insight into ‘what’s going on under the hood’ as I train and race, greatly enriching my training process as a whole.” Mari Colling, triathlete

“Running a workshop for a group of 16 and 17 year olds, keeping them interested the whole time, and even getting them to smile, is no small feat. Jim Taylor managed it nicely, imparting a great deal of information in a clear manner, yet not talking down to his teenage audience. All the kids felt they had new techniques to add to their training and pre-competition preparations.” Katie Snyder, San Francisco Fencing Club

“I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to share your words of wisdom with us. Your encouraging advice and insights were so helpful and really helped me on race day (and training too).” Stephanie Cheng, Team in Training runner

“Thank you so much for speaking with our Team-in-Training triathletes about the mental training required for a triathlon. I have gotten a lot of great feedback already about how useful everyone thought it was and I could tell this by the audience’s participation towards the end. It is through yourdonation of knowledge and experience that will take our 100 or so participants to the next level of training and racing, and I am sure they will, as I have personally done, use this information for some time to come.” James Gracey, Head Coach, Team in Training, San Francisco

“Dr. Jim Taylor was the single best speaker we have ever had for our National Charity League Chapter.” Christine R.

Gripping, thoughtful, witty, on point and poignant is how I felt about Jim Taylor’s lecture on parenting athletes. I learned a lot in 90 minutes. He succeeded in making me aware, and made positive, simple suggestions that I will definitely implement.” Charlie Humphries, parent

“We were THRILLED with Jim Taylor. His is a critical message for us to hear…He provided wonderful, practical guidance for raising accomplished–but happy–children…The audience was totally captivated…a very engaging, funny speaker…a casual, no-frills approach…plenty of “real life” anecdotes to share with the parents which drew them in right from the start…I only wish we’d thought to have him address our students–for sure we will next time.” Lisa Peterson, President, Rye (NY) Country Day Parents Association

“Dr. Jim Taylor’s daunting task was to encourage couples to explore not only the dynamics of our marriage and family life, but also our impact on our wider circle. His delivery while sharing his wisdom held our attention and gave us deep food for thought long after his sessions ended. My time is valuable. Jim’s message was invaluable!” Linda Nelson, Young Presidents’ Organization Life & Leadership International University, Edinburgh, Scotland

“Of all the guest speakers Harker has seen, Dr. Jim Taylor was the most thought-provoking. At least part of each of my classes that day erupted into heated argument as to whether his assertions were true and the extent to which we are affected by popular culture. His ideas forced us to question our values in relation to popular culture in an attempt to become more self-aware.” Vijay Umapathy, student, Harker School, San Jose, CA

Engaging, appropriately paced, interactive, humorous, positive acceptance of answers—even off-the-wall ones—and, most importantly, very effective and not preachy in his message. I loved it and the students did as well.” Kim West, Head of Intermediate School, Canterbury School, Ft. Myers, FL“The “buzz” at school is feverish. Those who did not attend know that they missed out on an amazing evening. Your presentation was fantastic and right on the mark for our parent group. Our Head of School is so pleased she is beside herself. The remaining books are flying off the shelf. An all around win!” Beth Bazley, President, Eton School ParentNet, Seattle

“Jim Taylor is an entertaining and energetic speaker with a focused message. His straight forward, no-nonsense presentation was so well received, parents told me the next day that they used Jim’s advice with their own kids before breakfast! Jim Taylor was a smashing success; one of our biggest parent turnouts ever.” Katie Rhodes, Baldwin School Parents Association, Philadelphia.

“You are so cool! Your speech was great for parents and we students learned a lot too. I didn’t realize how bad popular culture was. I am going to be really careful in the future about listening to its messages. You are awesome. Thanks for coming to our school.” Lisa Kolgan, 4th grader, The Boyd School-Broadlands, Ashburn, VA

“Dr. Jim Taylor has a rare gift for connecting with people. Jim spoke to over 550 students and faculty during his visit. In his talks, he had students focused, interacting, having fun, and, most importantly, thinking about big issues that they’re faced with daily. His manner is at once engaging, firm, and inspiring! Many students commented on how much they got out of Jim’s talk. That evening Jim spoke to over 130 of our parents—one of our largest parent turnouts ever—and they immediately resonated with his practical, tough, yet caring approach to raising children. Parents left with useful insights, perspectives, and tools to help them do better with their children. Our parents responded to Jim’s words with enthusiasm.” Liz Ortega, Director of Alumni and Parent Programs, Wyoming (PA) Seminary

“You brought humor, insight, and good advice to your presentations. Having a speaker of your caliber was a treat for our teachers. I continue to get positive feedback from our school heads and faculty.” Skardon Bliss, Executive Director, Florida Council of Independent Schools

Dr. Jim Taylor’s powerful words were reassuring! He reaffirmed the importance of responsibility and consequences for children’s actions. As a Montessori educator, his words ring in a compellingway. His sessions went quickly as I stopped taking notes and just listened. The large and attentive audience responded very positively and raised many questions, which he answered graciously.” Julie Kugler-Ackley, 2003 AMS National Conference Executive Committee; Adjunct professor, Xavier University Montessori Education Department

“Jim Taylor is a remarkable writer and speaker. The voice in which Jim communicates isrefreshing as he clearly addresses the importance of active parenting. Jim speaks candidly and directly to parents helping them to understand the importance of setting and maintaining appropriate boundaries for their children. He is an advocate for strong parenting and its effects on raising emotionally healthy, competent, and confident children.” Kevin Conklin, Head of School, Montgomery School, Philadelphia

“On behalf of the St. Isidore community and myself, thank you for a wonderful evening. Your information was insightful, thought provoking, and challenging. Your combination of a common-sense approach to parenting, humor, and a clear passion for children made the evening both reassuring & enjoyable. I received a lot of positive feedback from both teachers and parents. My advertising always uses the words enlighten, inspire, and educate and you fit the bill perfectly!”Suzanne Hutchinson, Coordinator, Parent University, St. Isidore School, Danville, CA

“Thanks for all that you did for our LCDS community. Your words were right on target. Both educators and parents need to hear as much as they can from you. Your orientation and perspective on the lives of children of all ages resonated with those of us who are parents and also to those of us who work with children every day. Your thoughtful, passionate, and humorous presentation style was enjoyable and inspiring. It was special for us, as we kick off our speaker series, to have had you lead off. What a great start to our program, yet I am not sure we can top the first act.” Mike Mersky, Head of School, Lancaster (PA) Country Day School

“Jim Taylor was a very engaging speaker. Our parents and staff who attended his presentation on “Positive Pushing” raved both about his presentation style and the content of his talk. He makes his points with humor and in such a way that they are easy to remember long after the talk is over. Being a Montessori school, we’re careful with the outside speakers that we bring in. Jim’s message of positive encouragement and giving children the self-esteem tools to get over any rough patches in life is a wonderful match with Montessori education. I recommend him whole heartedly!” Julie Bragdon, Director of Primary Education, Montessori School of Denver

“I knew that Dr. Taylor had connected with our middle and upper schoolers when the kids actually went home and told their parents about Dr. Taylor’s great presentation and many told their parents that they had to go to his evening talk. That evening we had the largest parent turnout ever for our evening speaker series. I was especially pleased to see how Dr. Taylor’s presentations offered practical life-enhancing strategies for parents and students alike for all aspects of their lives. Dr. Taylor is a powerful speaker with an essential message!” Ellen Welsh, Head of School, Canterbury School, St. Petersburg, FL

“You were a smash hit with the faculty and the parents at ODA. You became the envious talk of the parking lot crowd; especially woeful were the parents who didn’t come because of the rave reviews they heard from the many who did attend. The message I am still hearing is ‘when can he come back.’ Your message of pushing the ‘right’ way was confirming for the entire faculty (they listened without twisting and turning). You resonated with both groups and, as unexpected bonus, you managed to make me look like a genius (which is not an easy thing to do) for inviting you.” Dr. Mike Novello, Head of School, The Out-of-Door Academy, Sarasota, FL

“Our parents thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Taylor’s seminar on his book Positive Pushing. They came away with tools to both motivate and inspire their kids to be the best they could be in ways that were healthy and loving. From the Three Pillars of Successful Achievers to the Red Flags, the necessary information was laid out clearly and concisely (and with humor!) for parents to use and incorporate in their daily lives with their children. Thank you, Dr. Taylor!” Christa Lilly, Parent Education Chair, West Mercer (WA) Elementary School

“Dr. Jim Taylor was wonderful! As the largest public Montessori school in the country, it is rare to have the opportunity to bring a speaker of this magnitude to our school community. He worked with our staff, spoke with the students, and we filled the cafetorium to capacity with parents and administrators from our area. He had all of the groups completely engaged, was funny, and we all learned important lessons from him. I highly recommend the entire package as this was beneficial to everyone.” Dawn Read, School Advisory Chair, Virginia Shuman Young Elementary School, Ft. Lauderdale

“I was fortunate to attend one of Dr. Jim Taylor’s talks at my children’s school and was blown awayby his presentation. He made the impact of today’s popular culture so clear and practical to every level of kids’ development. I wanted so much to hear more that I invited him to speak at the San Ramon Rotary Club. The attendees raved about what an amazing speaker he was, how interesting and humorous he made his presentation, and what a WOW impact he had. I encourage you to get this man into your community to educate all who care about our youth and their future. The lessons are appropriate, applicable, and fascinating.” Michele L. Riopelle , M.D.

“Dr. Jim Taylor’s visit provided a dynamic learning experience for students, teachers, and parents. Dr. Taylor truly understands the challenges our students face on a daily basis, and the children reacted enthusiastically to his messages of resisting popular culture, defining success and failure for themselves, and making good decisions. We had our largest audience ever for our Interactive Parenting Seminar, and our parents responded wholeheartedly to his thoughtful insights and practical advice on Positive Pushing. Dr. Taylor’s speaking style is warm and engaging, and his talks were lively and inspiring. He sprinkles humor and good sense in his well-prepared presentations. The various audiences enjoyed Dr. Taylor’s remarks immensely. Parents commented that the evening was well worth their time.” Pat Craven, Head of Middle Division, Shorecrest Preparatory School, St. Petersburg, FL

“Dr. Jim Taylor’s daunting task was to encourage YPO couples to explore not only the dynamics of our marriage and family life, but also our impact on our wider circle. His delivery while sharing hiswisdom held our attention and gave us deep food for thought long after his sessions ended. My time is valuable. Jim’s message was invaluable!” Linda Nelson, Young Presidents’ Organization Life & Leadership International University, Edinburgh, Scotland

“We have had many speakers address our student body this year on a variety of topics. Few have had the ability to relate to the students on their level about values, typically a dirty word among teenagers. Jim was able not only to relate to our students, but deliver an important message about happiness, values, and the damage popular culture causes in their lives. But his message does not stop with the youth. He has valuable information for parents, teachers, and coaches that they can apply as they work with children and the various challenges that they deal with on a regular basis. Dr. Taylor’s visit gave everyone something to think about and use as we all work to teach our students and children skills that will help them succeed in life.” David Lamb, Director of Student Affairs, The Meadows School, Las Vegas

“I just had to write and tell you what a wonderful presentation you gave to us today. After your talk I had a meeting to go to and another parent who attended was there. She said after the presentation she went to her car and cried, because she just knew that you were so right in all you said and she was ready to throw her TV away and was just so scared that she was not doing the right things. She and I both were so moved by your talk. Your talk made me come home and rethink what I am doing and reevaluate some of the things I have let slide because of the generation that my daughter lives in. Your presentation was direct and down to earth. The book must be read. The impact on families’ lives will be tremendous. Thank you so much for having such a down-to-earth and valued philosophy. I just wanted you to know that in two lives today you made an impact.” Judy Horn, Parent, Ft. Worth (TX) Academy

“Jim Taylor returned to Fort Worth for his second presentation to a joint parent education forum sponsored by the city’s four major independent schools. This invitation to speak to over 300 parents and school personnel was based on the very positive and rewarding experience with Jim the previous year. This year’s presentation regarding the attack on our children from modern culture was very well received. Jim was entertaining while being very straight forward about what role parents need to take to protect their families. His message and suggestions for parents were appreciated by the audience. The quality of parent education provided through Jim’s presentations have been a real asset to our schools and the Fort Worth community.” Bob Windham, Head of School, Trinity Valley School

“Dr. Jim Taylor gave a stimulating, thought-provoking address to our audience of high-achieving parents. His message, filled with humor and love for families, reminded everyone that parents can help their children strive for excellence while still allowing them to be kids. Dr. Taylor’s common sense wake-up call that striving for perfection can actually interfere with achieving successful lives gave us all reason to pause and think, and eventually to enjoy our family life and the individual lives within it.” Jeanne C. Labozetta, LMFT, MBA, President and CEO, Family and Children Services, Palo Alto, CA

“If having a long-lasting impact on the students is an important criterion for evaluating assemblies, Dr. Jim Taylor’s “Are You Under Attack?” rates a “10”! Our fifth through eighth grade students continue to discuss his presentation on the negative effects of pop culture and the importance of respect, compassion, and true happiness, and they’re using his suggestions to work out issues at school and at home. He’s really making a difference in the lives of children. Dr. Jim Taylor’s most recent presentation to our parents was as well received at our school as his presentation two years ago on “Positive Pushing.” He’s passionate about the need to arm children against the negative effects of pop culture, and he presented very practical advice to parents and teachers on how to accomplish this. Dr. Taylor spoke to a diverse audience, but his message was universal and the ideas he presents can be applied in any family or any school, with children of all ages.” Gloria Stahmer, Assistant Head of School, Clairbourn School, San Gabriel, CA

“Dr. Taylor’s presentation and ability to hold the attention of seventy-five fifth-grade students (in addition to 150 other students he spoke to in one day) was both impressive and inspiring. He taught essential life lessons using humor and experiences from his work and own life that have left a strong impression on our students. I can’t tell you how often I have referred to his presentations in my Life Skill classes since he left, for example, regarding failure and its value in helping us to grow. His discussion regarding cultural values and norms became an excellent background in the importance of encouraging students to define for themselves what will create success and happiness. The student’s expressed great appreciation for his visit and hope he will return.” Susan Glick, Director of Guidance, Miami Country Day School, Miami, FL

“Jim was an outstanding member of our resource team for the YPO university . His talk on raising kids was right on topic for our group. His presentation was not only engaging and entertaining but also caused each of us to be more introspective not just on our kids, but on ourselves as parents and individuals. Jim was most personable and connected with his audience as a group as well as in one-on-one dialogues throughout the week-long event. He is an approachable, thoughtful, and engaging man who brings value to all who interact with him.” Pete Nordblom, Co-chair, Young Presidents’ Organization International University, London

“Dr. Taylor’s presentation at our school was phenomenal. He made the students look at and think about issues they don’t commonly examine. They asked thoughtful questions and were very engaged in the presentation. Dr. Taylor’s way of interacting with the students made this presentation one the kids will remember positively and not just another lecture they must endure. The parent component was also excellent, resulting in the best turn-out we have ever had. Dr. Taylor addressed issues that many of the parents struggle with everyday. He validated many of their thoughts and beliefs about parenting and challenged them to do more to protect their kids form the assailing influences of society, pop culture, and peers. Everyone went away with a positive and encouraged feeling.” Christine Hempsted, Guidance Counselor, Trinity Preparatory School, Winter Park, FL