Prime Performance System

A fundamental question I have been exploring in my career is: What does it take to perform your best?

If you can learn how to systematically perform your best, you will be successful. How much success depends on factors both within and outside their control. Over the years, I and others have identified factors that we believe are necessary to perform at your highest level and achieve success, for example, intrinsic motivation, confidence, resilience, emotional intelligence, habits, focus, practice, and many others. Yet, I have always felt that these explanations were, standing alone, too simplistic to adequately explain such a complex phenomenon as performance.

Prime Performance System

These explorations have led to the development of my Prime Performance System that provides a comprehensive and deep understanding of what it takes to perform your best and find success. My Prime Performance System is comprised of five areas that represent what I believe are the essential contributors to athletic performance and success.

  • Five attitudes enable you to look at performance, competition, success, and failure in the healthiest way possible. By adopting these attitudes, you lay the foundation to pursue your athletic and life goals from a healthy starting point.
  • Five obstacles are often erected without your awareness as you develop as an athlete (and person). These obstacles sabotage your efforts and your performances. Your goal is to remove these obstacles so you can attain a psychological and emotional state that liberates you to pursue your goals with commitment, confidence, and abandon.
  • Five keys to training ensure the highest quality and maximum benefit from your training. The culmination of these approaches involves your getting the most out of your training efforts enabling you to progress as fast as possible toward your athletic goals.
  • Five mental “muscles” are essential for you to perform your best. They enable you to get the most of your efforts. If you can develop these muscles, you give yourself the means to enter performances totally prepared to perform at your highest level possible.
  • Five mental tools provide you with the practical strategies you need to ensure you are comprehensively prepared to perform your best when it counts the most. They are aimed at attaining and maintaining an optimal mental and physical state required to achieve success.


Note: The Prime Performance System is copyrighted and may not be used without the written consent of Dr. Jim Taylor.