Prime Parenting

Based on Dr. Taylor’s four parenting books, his eight books on sport psychology, and his work with thousands of sport families, Prime Parenting offers parents the perspectives, insights, and tools they need to create a positive and healthy environment in which children can pursue their highest goals and develop into value-driven, successful, and happy people.


From the Prime Sport book series, Prime Parenting introduces parents to the essential role they play in their children’s athletic achievement efforts. Instilling motivation and confidence while reducing expectations, pressure, and “winning is the only thing” mentality are just a few of issues that Dr. Taylor addresses with parents. He explores the importance of parents teaching their children healthy attitudes about competition, winning, and losing, as well as being aware of their own personal investment and emotional reactions to their children’s successes and failures on the field of play.


From Positive Pushing, Prime Parenting shows parents and educators the three essential areas children must develop to become successful and happy: self-esteem, ownership, and emotional mastery. Children can develop a deep and resilient belief in themselves, gain a sense of commitment and responsibility in their lives, and develop the emotional maturity to master the many obstacles and setbacks that they will experience on the road to success.


From Your Children are Listening, Prime Parenting offers the insight that children become the messages they get the most. These messages are imparted not only through parents’ words, emotions, and actions, but also through simply who they are. The core question parents should be asking themselves is, “How can I be sure I’m sending the healthiest messages to my children?” Dr. Taylor show parents the nine essential messages that children need to get to have a life of meaning, connection, happiness, and success: love, competence, security, compassion, gratitude, nature, respect, responsibility, and emotion.


From Raising Generation Tech, Prime Parenting explores the powerful role that popular culture and technology play in the development of children in the 21st century. Dr. Taylor first examines the popular culture to which children are exposed and the technology that they are now using that are shaping their lives, including movies, television, video games, the Internet, mobile phones, and texting. Prime Parenting examines seven areas (values, self-identity, thinking, relationships, healthy, life) that are impacted most by popular culture and technology and offers practical insights and strategies for ensuring that this media-fueled world is a tool that benefits children rather than a weapon that hurts them.

Popular Culture

From Your Children are Under Attack, Prime Parenting offers parents and educators a deep understanding of the importance of values to children’s development. Importantly, they are how to instill healthy values into children with an emphasis on six values that are most under attack by popular culture: respect, responsibility, success, happiness, family, and compassion. These values provide two essential benefits to children. First, these positive values become the foundation for children’s healthy development. Second, these values protect children from the intense and unrelenting presence of popular culture in their lives today.

Prime Parenting Payoff

  • Parents who are positive, conscious, and active forces in their children’s lives.
  • Parents who play an supportive and encouraging encouraging role in their children’s athletic pursuits.
  • Children who develop high self-esteem and confidence in their abilities.
  • Children who have ownership of their achievements and their lives.
  • Children who have the emotional tools to respond to the challenges of adulthood.
  • Children who develop positive values about themselves, their families, and the world.
  • Children who can say ‘no’ to the seductive messages of popular culture.
  • Children who pursue their athletic and life goals with confidence, courage, and gusto.
  • Children who grow up to be successful, happy, and value-driven people.