sport parentingI’m excited to announce the launch of my latest online course, Prime Sport Parenting 505Raise Successful and Happy Athletes, a 4-class course that is offered on-demand and self-paced to fit into the busy lives of sport parents.

Prime Sport Parenting 505 provides parents of athletes in any sport with deep insights, useful information, and practical tools about the impact of they have on their children’s athletic experiences. Here’s what you will learn:

  • Three pillars of successful achievers.
  • Five attitudes that are essential for athletic (and life) success..
  • How to send the most positive and healthiest messages to your children about their sports participation.
  • Dos and don’ts of sport parenting.

To learn more, visit the launch page.

If you run a junior program, I would appreciate it if you would share my announcement with your parent community in an upcoming newsletter or other communication.

Use this coupon code (Prime Sport Parenting 505-10% discount) to receive a 10% discount on tuition if you enroll before March 17th.

Feel free to email or call if you have any questions.



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