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Welcome to Prime Sport Alert! This quarterly e-newsletter examines essential issues for athletes and coaches, regardless of your sport, level of ability, or goals.

Prime Sport Alert! explores the psychological and team contributors to success in today’s highly competitive and demanding sports world. The goal of Prime Sport Alert! is to provide you with the deep insights, useful information, and practical tools you need to perform at your highest level consistently and achieve your goals.

Prime Sport Alert! is adopted from Dr. Taylor’s Prime Sport book series and drawn directly from his more than 29 years of work with professional, Olympic, collegiate, junior-elite, and age-group athletes and coaches in many sports, including tennis, golf, soccer, football, basketball, baseball, triathlon, running, swimming, cycling, ski racing, sailing, equestrian, lacrosse, squash, and fencing.

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Prime Sport Alert! Archive

YouTube4 1/08: Intro. to Prime Sport
YouTube4 5/08: Prime Sport Pyramid
YouTube4 9/08: Motivation to Succeed
YouTube4 1/09: Five Keys to Prime Confidence
YouTube4 5/09: Interview with Dr. Jim Taylor
YouTube4 9/09: Build Confidence-Part II
YouTube4 1/10: Find Your Prime Intensity
YouTube4 5/10: Psych-up Techniques
YouTube4 9/10: Focus Control
YouTube4 1/11: Overcoming Frustration
5/11: Become an Emotional Master
9/11: 5 Things I Hate to See Athletes Do
1/12: Psychology of Injury
5/12: Prime Training: It’s All about Quality
9/12: Developing Competitive Routines
1/13 Inside the Minds of the World’s Best Athletes
5/13: Threat vs. Challenge in Sports
9/13: Think Now, So You Don’t Have to Think Later
1/14: Results Matter, but to Get Them, Ignore Them
5/14: Mental Training Begins in the Gym
9/14: Why Sport Psych Doesn’t Get the Respect it Deserves
1/15:  3 Goals for Playing Your Best
7/15: Overcoming Performance Slumps
11/15: Fear of Failure: 4-Part Series
YouTube4 3/08: Prime Sport Attitude
YouTube4 7/08: Prime Sport Profiling
YouTube4 11/08: Importance of Confidence
YouTube4 3/09: The Making of a Champion
YouTube4 7/09: Build Confidence-Part I
YouTube4 11/09: Intensity in Sports
YouTube4 3/10: Psych-down Techniques
YouTube4 7/10: Understanding Focus
YouTube4 11/10: The Power of Emotions
YouTube4 3/11: Demystifying Sport Psychology
7/11: Get Ready for Your Big Event
11/11: 5 Tips for Quality Training
3/12: Competitive Lessons from the World’s Best
7/12: Why the World’s Best Athletes Use Routines
11/12: The Power of Mental Imagery
3/13: No Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda in Your Sport
7/13: Build a High Performing Team Culture
11/13: Three Steps to Athletic Success
3/14: 5 Lessons from an Athletic Prodigy
7/14: Pay Now or Pay Later
11/14: 3 Essential Mindsets for Athletic Success
4/15: 5 Reasons Athletes Don’t Do Mental Training
9/15: When Should Your Young Athlete Specialize?
1/16: Every Day Is a Good Day of Training

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