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Welcome to Prime Family Alert!  This quarterly e-newsletter has two goals. First, to increase awareness and understanding of the essential issues that impact children in today’s complex world. Second, to provide parents with deep insights, useful information, and practical tools to help their children develop into value-driven, successful, and happy children.

Prime Family Alert! is adopted from Dr. Taylor’s books, Positive Pushing: How to Raise a Successful and Happy Child, Your Children are Under Attack: How Popular Culture is Destroying Your Kids’ Values, and How You Can Protect Them, Your Children are Listening: Nine Messages They Need to Hear From You, and Raising Generation Tech: Preparing Your Children for a Media-fueled World.

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Prime Family Alert! Archive

YouTube3 4/05: Fear of Failure
YouTube3 8/05: Suck it Up
YouTube3 1/06: Raise Good Decision Makers
YouTube3 5/06: Raise Excellent Children
YouTube3 9/06: Stop That Runaway Train!
YouTube3 1/07: Respect Starts at Home
YouTube3 5/07: Sad Misuse of Self-esteem
YouTube3 9/07: Family-value Culture
YouTube4 1/08: Take the Offensive
YouTube4 5/08: Raise Successful Achievers
YouTube4 9/08: Don’t Shut Up Emotions
YouTube4 1/09: Fear of Failure Revisited
YouTube4 5/09: Challenge Your Child
YouTube4 9/09: Don’t Praise Your Children!
YouTube4 1/10: Conditional Love is Good!
YouTube4 5/10: Kids and Summer Activities
YouTube4 9/10: Raise Green Children
YouTube4 1/11: Have Consequences with “Bite”
5/11 Disappointment is Good
9/11: Three Words for Better Parenting
1/12: Fatigue is A Parent’s Worst Enemy
5/12: Message Blockers: What Stops Them?
9/12: Raise Children, Not Consumers
1/13 Technology is Changing the Way Kids Think
5/13: Give Your Kids the Gift of an Unmediated Life
9/13: Your Children Need Sleep
1/14: 5 “Dangerous” Things to Do to Your Children
5/14: Children’s Opportunity Costs with Technology
9/14: Risk Taking for Your Children
1/15: Bad, Ugly, and Good of Social Media
YouTube3 6/05: Win the Battles of Will
YouTube3 11/05: Lost Art of Play
YouTube3 3/06: Happy Children
YouTube3 8/06: Gifted Children
YouTube3 11/06: Raise Compassionate Kids
YouTube3 3/07: Know the Enemy
YouTube3 7/07: Family Values
YouTube4 11/07: Raise a Human Being
YouTube4 3/08: Success Expectations
YouTube4 7/08: Independent Children
YouTube4 11/08: Expect a Lot
YouTube4 3/09: Frustration: Aarrgghh!
YouTube4 7/09: 8 Tips For Dads
YouTube4 11/09: Unconditional Love is Bad!
YouTube4 3/10: Race to Nowhere
YouTube4 7/10: iPhone: Parent Expediency
YouTube4 11/10: Q & A with Dr. Jim
YouTube4 3/11: How NOT to Raise Spoiled Brats
7/11: Your Children are Listening
11/11: Dos for Sports Parents
3/12: Set Your Children’s “Defaults” Early
7/12: How to Raise Good (and Safe) Kids These Days
11/12: Media Teaches Bad Values to Children
3/13: Teach Your Children to Single Task, Not Multitask
7/13: Are We Raising Bad Decision Makers?
11/13: What is Your Kids’ “Diet” of Technology
3/14: Don’t Tell Your Children They’re Competent
7/14: Is Compassion Children’s Most Admirable Quality?
11/14: Kids’ Emotional Reactions to Achievement

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