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Prime Business Alert! explores the psychological, interpersonal, leadership, and team contributors to success in today’s highly competitive and demanding corporate world. The goal of Prime Business Alert! is to provide you with the deep insights, useful information, and practical tools you need to perform at your highest level consistently and achieve your goals.

Prime Business Alert! is drawn directly from Dr. Taylor’s work with CEO’s, senior management, and corporate organizations in a wide variety of industries, including finance, technology, and manufacturing, as well as with professional athletes and coaches.

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Prime Business Alert! Archive

YouTube4 1/08: Intro. to Prime Business
YouTube4 5/08: Prime Business Credo
YouTube4 9/08: Change: Why and How
YouTube4 1/09: Qualities of a Prime Leader
YouTube4 5/09: Smartphone Rules to Live By
YouTube4 9/09: Work/Life Balance: Part I
YouTube4 1/10: Self-knowledge for Success
YouTube4 5/10: Single Tasking
YouTube4 9/10: Ten Laws of Prime Preparation
YouTube4 1/11: Stress Victim or Stress Master?
5/11: Steps to Stress Mastery
9/11: Why Motivational Talks Don’t Work
1/12: Corporate Change is Possible
5/12: Don’t Go “Caveman” in a Crisis
9/12: 8 Dimensions of Crisis Mastery
1/13: Build a High-performing Corporate Culture
5/13: Cognitive Biases are Bad for Business
9/13: Focus: Gateway to Business Success
1/14: 5 Things Great Leaders Do Very Well
5/14: Prime Leadership Begins with Your Mindset
9/14: Leader-as-Decision-Maker
1/15: Be Different for Increased Productivity

The Prime Business Alert! e-newsletter has been suspended until further notice.

YouTube4 3/08: Prime Business Pyramid
7/08: Prime Business Challenge
YouTube4 11/08: Myth of Multitasking
YouTube4 3/09: Prime Leadership Revisited
YouTube4 7/09: Master of Crisis
YouTube4 11/09: Work/Life Balance: Part II
YouTube4 3/10: Motivation to Succeed
YouTube4 7/10: Vision Goal Setting
YouTube4 11/10: Confidence Matters
YouTube4 3/11: Foundation of Stress Mastery
7/11: Change Your Performance Mindset
11/11: Too Much Input, Not Enough “Innerput”
3/12: Crisis: Emotional Threat or Challenge
7/12: Four Emotions to Avoid in a Crisis
11/12: Ego in Business: There is an ‘M’ and ‘E’ in Team
3/13: Real Corporate Change Requires the Six I’s
7/13: New Demands of 21st Century Leadership
11/13: Business Success Means Seeing the Future
3/14: Leader-as-Person: Who You Are is How You Lead
7/14: Leader-as-Performer: Lead the Way to Success
11/14: 6 Steps to Making Tough Business Decisions

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"Every successful person has persevered through adversity and seemingly insurmountable challenges on their path to success. Jim Taylor provides insights and lessons about the toughness that successful ...people have discovered within themselves, that has propelled them beyond the inevitable obstacles. We can all learn from and be inspired by Jim’s work."

Wally Walker, former NBA player, President and CEO
Seattle Supersonics