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About Dr. Jim Taylor

Dr. Jim Taylor is an internationally recognized authority on the psychology of performance in business, sport, and parenting. Dr. Taylor has been a consultant to and has provided individual and group training to executives and businesses throughout the North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. He is a frequent speaker at Young Presidents’ Organization events internationally and a featured speaker for Natixis Global Associates, the 14th largest asset management company in the world. Dr. Taylor has been a consultant for the United States and Japanese Ski Teams, the United States Tennis Association, and USA Triathlon, and has worked with professional and world-class athletes in tennis, skiing, cycling, triathlon, track and field, swimming, football, golf, baseball, and many…
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What They're Saying

  • I have had the pleasure of hearing Jim Taylor lecture a group of CEOs and Presidents, of speaking with him one-on-one and of reading several of his works. He provides a unique window into the head, heart and soul of top performers at their field. His perspective is special in that it combines performing at ones best...

    Seth Waugh

    former CEO, Deutsche Banks America

  • You were a smash hit with the faculty and the parents at ODA. You became the envious talk of the parking lot crowd; especially woeful were the parents who didnt come because of the rave reviews they heard from the many who did attend. Your message of pushing the right...

    Dr. Mike Novello

    Head of School, The Out-of-Door Academy, Sarasota, FL

  • Dr. Taylor had a huge impact on our Stanford wrestling season. It was the most successful season in program history and his work definitely contributed to that success.

    Kerry McCoy

    former Head Coach, Stanford University Wrestling Team; Two-time Olympian

  • Dr. Jim Taylor has taken the lessons learned from his own competitive athletic experiences and combined them with the latest scientific research and 20 years of high-performance consulting to help us understand what toughness really means in sports, business, and life. His powerful message about toughness and his ability to communicate makes Jim someone worth listening to for anyone trying to ...

    Dave Shula

    former Head Coach, Cincinnati Bengals; President, Shula Steakhouses

  • Dr. Jim Taylor has a rare gift for connecting with people. Jim spoke to over 550 students and faculty during his visit. In his talks, he had students focused, interacting, having fun, and, most importantly, thinking about big issues that theyre faced with daily. His manner is at once engaging, firm, and inspiring! That evening Jim spoke to over 130 of our parentsone of our largest... 

    Liz Ortega

    Director of Alumni and Parent Programs, Wyoming (PA) Seminary

  • Dr. Taylor is an engaging speaker who immediately captures the audiences attention with his easygoing style and comedic timing. His presentation was full of useful and important information. And he presented it in a clear and concise way so that it was easy to understand. I would highly recommend getting the chance to hear Dr. Taylor in person if the opportunity ever...

    John Hackworth

    Asst. Coach, Philadelphia Union, Major League Soccer

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Books By Dr. Jim Taylor

  • Raising Generation Tech
    A practical guide for helping your children navigate the influential and omnipresent world of technology. Todays children are being raised as digital natives in a world dominated by popular culture and technology. TV shows, computers, video games, social networking… + Learn More
  • Positive Pushing
    The challenge of balancing childhood achievement and happiness often puts parents in a position of uncertainty. If children are pushed too hard, they may rebel and achieve neither success nor happiness. If parents dont push enough, their children… + Learn More
  • Your Children Are Listening
    From Dr. Jim Taylor, a trusted parenting expert and author  a practical guide to staying on message with your children, including the nine essential messages to get your children off to a great start on life. At the… + Learn More
  • Prime Sport book series
    As one of Americas premier sport psychologists, Dr. Jim Taylor knows what it takes to achieve competitive success. The lessons Dr. Taylor has learned from working with some of the worlds best athletes and coaches will change the… + Learn More
  • The Triathlete's Guide to Mental Training
    The Triathletes Guide to Mental Training introduces readers to the all-important role that the mind plays in triathlon training and competition. This first-of-its-kind book explores the mental areas that either fosters triathlon success or leads to triathlon failure,… + Learn More
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